Our mission is to revolutionize the way we talk about mental illness and mental health. It is through our stories that we can raise awareness and compel other people living with a mental illness to speak up and seek help. Together we can challenge misconceptions and fight stereotypes that burden more than 450 million people who suffer from a mental illness. Many people with mental illness do not speak up about it because of fear of being shamed and because of this shame mental illness tends to exacerbate. Spark Bracelets purpose is to Spark conversations in order to tackle obstacles and improve the chance of recovery for millions of people around the world. The stunning Spark Bracelets are unique designs and have special meanings. Spark Bracelets are not only an indication of empowerment, understanding, and support, but they are also a perfect way to educate others, one Spark conversation at a time!

Spark Bracelets believes that conversation is a major step for progress yet these conversations can and should lead to action. Which is why we created a Spark Fund. 10% of the revenue generated by each bracelet goes towards this fund. To learn more about the Spark Fund, click here