The goal of the Spark Fund is to create a proactive support community through events, donations and provide funding for mental health research. We aim to provide a backbone for the Spark community to flourish by organizing events in different cities across the country in which people can engage directly to share their stories or provide support to others.

Spark Bracelets comes with great ambition. We aim to revolutionize the way people think and speak about mental health and illness. Since we are in our early stages, the availability of funds is somewhat restricted, however, as the fund grows, we will seek out strategic partnerships with other mental health institutions to provide much needed support towards research and effective treatment of mental illnesses. But! Don’t let this mislead you. We will be holding events in the near future consisting of activities designed for public engagement of the Spark Community. We will be holding events such as 5Ks, meet and greets, and other events in your local community (events will be held in public places) as well as a series of public speakers. This is in effort to enable people to make long lasting connections outside of social media and establish a physical connection. Lastly, our biggest, most ambitious goal is: lobbying. We aim to use some of the proceeds to lobby for better mental health policies by engaging in talks with our public servants and attending hearings of relevant importance.

 We hope you find our goals in line with yours, and we encourage you to reach out to us with ideas to make this journey a fun one! We are sure that with your help, we will tackle all of the goals we’ve set out to accomplish. So let’s create smiles, let’s create hope, let’s cry together, let’s share together, and let’s Spark a conversation!

If you believe in our cause and would like for there to be more open spaces where people can freely talk about mental illness without being judged, without being ostracized, without feeling like we are alone in this world, PLEASE DONATE! Even ONE dollar helps!
This is for you. If you have suffered, if you have felt alone, if you have been afraid. This is for all of us. Let's do this together.

We appreciate your support and hope to see you soon.


If you find our goals aligned with yours, we welcome you to donate. Together we can make the difference. 100% of every donation will be made directly to the Spark Fund!